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Logo Design

Creating a unique logo is what sets your brand apart. We at Frantic Solution help you create a unique, beautiful, and appropriate logo that defines your brand and makes it memorable. We create a high-quality, print-ready logo for your brand by utilizing your ideas and our creativity into creating something fresh and out of the box. Our expert designers create a perfect blend of symbols, calligraphy, design art, and other aesthetic graphical elements to design an effective logo that captures the user’s attention.  We have experience in working with different niches such as real estate, education, financial institutions, food, hospitality, information technology, fashion, and more.

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    Types Of Logo Design

    Geometric Logo Design

    From circles to squares to complex patterns, geometric shapes are a popular logo style not only for their mathematical precision but for the range of emotion they can express. Squares and rectangles feel solid and stable. In contrast, a circular or oval logo can give a brand an unrestrained, eternal feel.

    Golden Ratio Logo Design

    The Golden Ratio is a mathematical principle that can be found in nature, anatomy, color, and even sound waves. Because of its pleasing nature, it has been used in art, paintings, architecture, music, and design for thousands of years.

    Simple Logo Design

    A simple logo can revolve around a pared-down design, clean typography, or even a basic concept. Simple logos are often a more impactful choice than more complex ones because of their ability to communicate concise concepts quickly.

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